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Comacchio historic center, Ferrara,Italy

Light restyling along the streets of Comacchio.á
City of Comacchio, Italy

The magic setting of the canals of Comacchio is made even more suggestive by the project managed by Architect, Giordana Arcesilai and which makes use of speciallydesigned PLATEK light appliances.
The products are custom-made, to integrate perfectly in the context of streets and canals.

From the undergutters emerges a warm light, produced by the selected light source: the Philips COSMO WHITE lamp also features innovative technology offering good three-dimensional perception, without altering the context too much, and is therefore particularly suited for site amenities and lighting up faces and colours.

To make the project even more suggestive, in some points such as the IN/OUT accesses to the canal harbour, the decision was taken to use appliances with blue LED light source.
This is a colour that integrates with the night without appearing unnatural, and is perceived as relaxing and not invasive.
The canals of the Emilia town are instead warmed by the special version of the TETRA PORTICI wall lamp, which has proved to be very successful.


Lighting designer: Arch. Giordana Arcesilai e Thomas Weissenberg.

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