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Christo Jeanne Claude, Iseo Lake, The floating piers, platek, light

Christo and Jeanne-Claude museum, Iseo, Italy

Until July 10, 2016 the picturesque location Le Palafitte in Sulzano di Iseo plays
host to the photographic show produced by the documentarist Wolfgang Volz
and dedicated to the works of Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

The event supervised by Renato Gentile, presents 15 projects among the most
important ones by the authors of The Floating Piers and Platek is proud to take
part in this important project with its lighting products, which offer an exciting
atmosphere to the visitors of the show.

Platek has selected some of its latest collections for the illumination of this
original architecture on water hosting the event:
the lanterns ETEREA were positioned along the perimeter of the building;
the bollards SLIM follow the visitors along the walkway and
the lamps FLAMINGO lead to the entrance of the show.

With this new synergy, Platek confirms the winning combination between
Light and Art that, for several years characterizes, among other ideas,
the multiple interventions of the company in the Italian cultural field.

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